De Comicis

Holy Bibble is a compendium of very real and true stories about unicorns, giant space robots, vampires, spies, seduction, and of course, rock-offs with the devil.

It loosely follows the chronology of the bible while taking wild turns into historical and mythological fanfiction while also spinning a tale of angelic lore throughout.

Hoc Tempore

Presently, we are converting the old three-panel comic to a long-form version. A three-panel comic is more conducive to quick laughs, and it no longer seemed the best option to tell a story.


Throughout this process, we will also be adding new content, like added lore, so longtime viewers can still get new stuff while we update.

If you're looking for the old version, you can still find it on Comicfury.

Portae Exitus

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